Deep Tissue Massage


Swedish Massage


Therapeutic Massage

60 min $135/90 min $180
120 min $235

Our Therapeutic Massage is a full body, target-specific massage for athletes or anyone needing a little TLC. This massage incorporates both medium and firm pressure for optimal results. Allow sore and tired muscles to be invigorated while increasing flexibility and relieving muscle tension and spasms.


The Sage Haven Massage

60 min $135/90 min $180
120 min $235

A gentle relaxing full body massage to help relax tight and fatigued muscles, promote circulation, and relieve pain.


Thai Body Treatment

90 min $175
120 min $225

Not quite a massage This  session combines amazing Thai and Yoga style stretches to open energy channels and bring you to a mental and physical state of bliss. This session is done on a traditional Thai Mat with one of our Thai trained yoga Teachers. (Comfortable clothing should be worn)