Yoga, Wellness and Spa Services in Armonk, NY

Have you ever wanted to try a Yoga class, but didn't know where to start? The staff at Sage & The Flying Buddha can assist you with that! Our team of experienced Yoga instructors have several enriching Yoga courses to choose from and many ways to keep them affordable. At Sage & The Flying Buddha, it's more than Yoga courses- we create a mindful community.
Woman Doing Yoga on the Lake — Exercise Class in Armonk, NY
Meditation by the Lake — Exercise Class in Armonk, NY
People Exercising — Exercise Class in Armonk, NY
In addition to inspirational Yoga classes, we offer an array of day spa services. Relax your body, and have one of our experienced estheticians and therapists rid your body of stress. You can pick from various facials and massages, and even give the gift of relaxation to a friend, by purchasing a gift card!
For more information on classes and appointments, call 914-273-7975 today!